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Frequently Asked Questions

1)      What is the LOMA Society of the Greater Toronto Area, and what do you do?


The LOMA Society of the Greater Toronto Area is a non-profit Society that operates under a charter issued by LOMA (Life Office Management Association). The Society is open to all individuals who currently work in the insurance or financial services industry. Networking and educational events are offered year-round to our members!


If you have taken LOMA courses in the past, or are currently working towards a LOMA designation, the Society is a great place to find likeminded individuals to help support you in your personal and professional endeavours.


You’ve never taken a LOMA course before? Not a problem! You can still join us as a member to network with others who are currently working in the insurance and financial services industry.


2)      What type of events do you hold throughout the year?


We primarily host two main types of events: networking and educational events.


The networking events are designed so that you can get to know your fellow Society members a little better. You can come out and socialize with people of all sorts of professional backgrounds, find out what people do at their respective companies, and also deepen your industry knowledge by talking to individuals who work in different areas of the financial services and insurance industry.


Our educational events, on the other hand, usually focus on hot topics in the financial services and insurance industry. It’s a great way to learn about industry trends!


Periodically, we will also participate in community outreach events (e.g. charity runs, group volunteering at soup kitchens, food banks, etc)


3)      Why should I become a member?


As a member, you are able to attend the Society’s events at a deeply discounted rate, or for free. Being a member will give you access to a whole community of individuals who are currently working towards similar professional goals, and will also give you access to events you normally wouldn’t have access to through work.


4)      What’s the cost of becoming a member?


The current annual membership is currently $75, but fees are pro-rated throughout the year. If you are joining us later on in the year, feel free to contact us using the contact form below to find out what the current pro-rated fee is. Please note that current year (2020) member dues are waived due to COVID-19.


Student membership is currently $50 (also pro-rated throughout the year). Proof of student status is required to qualify for the student rate. Please note that current year (2020) student member dues are waived due to COVID-19.


5)      What are my membership dues used for?


Your membership dues are used for Society events that are held throughout the year (i.e. cost of renting a venue, audio/visual equipment rental for events, food, prizes for members, etc). A small portion of your dues also goes towards website maintenance (i.e. annual cost of keeping a domain name, membership management software, etc).


Your annual membership dues are at no point in time used for the benefit of the Society’s Board Members or Officers. Elected Board Members and Officers offer their time and services on a volunteer basis.


6)      How do I become a member?


I’m glad you asked that question! Becoming a member is easy! Just go to our membership application here.


Still have questions about becoming a member? Contact us using the contact form located at the bottom of this page!


7)      How do I sign up for an event?


You can check our homepage for upcoming events, or go directly to our events listing by clicking here.


Once you register for an event, you can pay online directly through PayPal (if a fee is required) or by contacting us to pay via Interac e-transfer. Please note that you are not required to have a PayPal account in order to pay online (just select the option that allows you to pay as a guest).


If you pay for event registration online, you are automatically re-routed to PayPal’s secure payment page. Please note that the Society does not handle any credit card/debit transactions. All online payment transactions are handled by PayPal.


8)      Do you have any volunteer positions within the Society?


Yes, we do! If you are interested in volunteering as a Board Member or Society Officer, please get in touch with us using the contact form on this site!


9)      Who currently runs the LOMA Society of the Greater Toronto Area?


The LOMA Society of the Greater Toronto Area is currently run by a group of individuals who come from various insurance/financial services companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area. The Society’s Board of Directors and Officers are elected into office each year at the Society’s Annual General Meeting/Gala. All Board Members and Society Officers serve on a volunteer basis during their elected term.


To see a list of the Society’s current Board of Directors and Society’s Committee Officers, please visit our Biographies page here.


10)   Do you have a LinkedIn page?


Yes, we do! Connect with us by searching for the LOMA Society of the Greater Toronto Area group page. Or if you’re already logged in, click here to join/follow us:


11)   I have more questions! How do I get in touch with you?


Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page we'll get right back to you!

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